Youtube video/1910s

1)      Why was crossing the ocean during WWI dangerous?

a)      German submarines

b)      German warships

c)      American aggression towards Germany

2)      How many lifeboats were launched before the Lusitania went down?

a)      4

b)      6

c)      8

3)      What year did the Great War begin?

a)      1914

b)      1915

c)      1916

4)      Was Russia a friend or enemy of Germany?

a)      Friend

b)      Enemy

5)      Everyone thought the war would be over by

a)      The new year

b)      Next summer

c)      Christmas

6)      At the end of the first year French causalties approached

a)      A million men

b)      500,000 men

c)      250,000 men

7)      The mass produced Model T car cost how much

a)      $1,000

b)      $540

c)      $295

8)      Where were Americans exposed to the war in Europe?

a)      Movie houses

b)      News papers

c)      Political speeches

9)      In 1915 was the war good or bad for America?

a)      Good

b)      Bad

10)   Did the war increase or cut off European immigration to the US?

a)      Increase

b)      Cut off

11)  On the Western Front did the German assault succeed or fail?

a)      Succeed

b)      Fail

12)   Why did the rats grow so large on the fields?

a)      They ate dead bodies

b)      They ate each other

c)      They ate the food in the trenches

13)   Who invented the tank?

a)      The Germans

b)      The Swiss

c)      The British

14)  Who invented poison gas to be used in war?

a)      The Germans

b)      The Americans

c)      The British

15)  What was “shell shock”?

a)      A physical injury

b)      A mental disorder

c)      A war strategy

16)   During the Battle of the Somme, were there Germans still in their trenches when the British advanced?

a)      Yes

b)      No

17)   Who was head of the ruling family in Russia during WWI?

a)      Czar Nicholas

b)      Catherine the Great

c)      Sasha Brianski

18)  Lenin hoped to create the world’s first _________________ state

a)      Democratic

b)      Socialist

c)      Communist

19)  When Woodrow Wilson asked congress for a declaration of war, he hoped that

a)      It would be the last great war

b)      It would be the beginning of American influence in Europe

c)      It would be a war that would end by the Spring

20)  In which year were Americans pouring into France each day?

a)      1916

b)      1917

c)      1918

21)  When did the Germans surrender?

a)      December 11, 1918

b)      November 11, 1918

c)      November 4, 1919

22)  In the winter of 1918, what happened to the Empire of Austria?

a)      It was stronger

b)      It was shattered

c)      It was the same as before the war

23)  How many men died in the war?

a)      5 million

b)      7 million

c)      9 million

24)  Who carved up the Middle East?

a)      Britain and France

b)      The US and Italy

c)      Spain and France