Youtube video/1920s

1)      Did anyone pay attention to Prohibition?

a)      Yes

b)      No

2)      What was a “speak easy”?

a)      A place where alcohol was sold

b)      A place where people would gather for conversation

c)      A place where meetings were held

3)      The 1920s was a decade about

a)      Keeping boundaries

b)      Breaking boundaries

4)      After World War I, did Americans want to embrace what was new or stay with what was old?

a)      New

b)      Old

5)      In 1920s did more Americans live in urban centers or country towns?

a)      Urban centers

b)      Country towns

6)      What did Madison Avenue stand for?

a)      The stock market

b)      Business

c)      Advertizing

7)      The number of millionaires jumped by how much in the 1920s?

a)      300%

b)      400%

c)      500%

8)      What was the center of entertainment in New York in the 1920s?

a)      Harlem

b)      Brooklyn

c)      Manhattan

9)      In the 1920s was change centered in the cities or the countryside?

a)      Cities

b)      Countryside

10)  What did the car give Americans?

a)      A sense of responsibility

b)      A sense of freedom

c)      A sense of power

11)  By 1927, what percentage of household goods were bought on credit?

a)      75%

b)      50%

c)      25%

12)  What year did radio begin?

a)      1920

b)      1923

c)      1925

13)  The more daring women of the 1920s were known as

a)      Immoral

b)      Flappers

c)      New wave

14)  When cities grew in the 1920s, smaller towns considered the cities to be

a)      Threatening

b)      Futuristic

c)      Behind the times

15)  What was the Scopes trial about?

a)      Freedom to arm oneself

b)      Evolution

c)      Freedom of assembly

16)  What did the Ku Klux Klan soar to in the 1920s?

a)      1 million

b)      2 million

c)      4 million

17)   What sport did Babe Ruth play?

a)      Football

b)      Baseball

c)      Basketball

18)  How long did it take Lindbergh to fly over the Atlantic Ocean?

a)      33 ˝ hours

b)      42 ˝ hours

c)      47 ˝ hours

19)  What was the expedition home base in Antarctica called?

a)      Little base

b)      Little America

c)      Little Santa

20)  Herbert Hoover, at his inauguration, claimed that Americans were on their way to

a)      Poverty

b)      War

c)      Riches

21)  On October 29, 1929, were most people buying or selling stock?

a)      Buying

b)      Selling