Youtube 1950s

1)      By the Spring of 1953 how many Americans had returned from the Korean war in coffins?

a)      40,000

b)      50,000

c)      60,000

2)      By 1953 Americans had been dealing with one crisis after another since

a)      1929

b)      1930

c)      1931

3)      By late 1953 the economic boom had

a)      Ruined the country

b)      Transformed the country

c)      Had ended

4)      Were there any female managers in the workplace in the 1950s?

a)      Yes

b)      No

5)      By the end of the decade ¼ of the US population lived in

a)      Suburban track homes

b)      City trailer parks

c)      Center of the cities

6)      In the 1950s Americans were stepping into the middle class at rate of

a)      100,000 a year

b)      1,000,000 a year

c)      5,000,000 a year

7)      In the 1950s most television programming

a)      Was pre-recorded

b)      Aired live

8)      Within a year Playboy was selling, each month

a)      100,000

b)      200,000

c)      300,000

9)      In which year was the new music given the name “rock and roll”?

a)      1954

b)      1955

c)      1956

10)  Did Elvis Presley appear on the Ed Sullivan show?

a)      Yes

b)      No

11)  In the 1950s, was life between whites and blacks

a)      Equal

b)      Unequal

12)  In which year did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her bus seat?

a)      1955

b)      1956

c)      1957

13)  For how many days did the Montgomery buses run empty?

a)      371

b)      381

c)      391

14)  How many African American high school students went to Little Rock High School when it was forced to accept them?

a)      7

b)      8

c)      9

15)  What was the most profound effect of the car in the 1950s?

a)      The federal highway project

b)      The housing developments

c)      The immigration crisis

16)  About how many Hungarians died in their uprising against Russia?

a)      8000

b)      9000

c)      10000

17)  Were there any nuclear bomb tests made above ground in the 1950s?

a)      Yes

b)      No

18)  Who launched the first satellite?

a)      Russia, the Soviet Union

b)      The United States

19)  What type of show was Twenty One?

a)      A quiz show

b)      A nature show

c)      A science show