Youtube 1960s

1)      Joe McNeil and his friends, by asking for coffee and a donut, had taken on

a)      Segregation

b)      Prohibition

c)      Voting rights

2)      The presidential candidates, Nixon and Kennedy, were in their

a)      Mid 40s

b)      Mid 30s

c)      Mid 50s

3)      Kennedy identified himself as the candidate of

a)      An older generation

b)      A southern generation

c)      A new generation

4)      Under Kennedy, was the white house staffed by older or younger people?

a)      Younger

b)      Older

5)      In April of 1961, did the US Bay of Pigs plan in Cuba, succeed or fail?

a)      Succeeded

b)      Failed

6)      Under Kennedy, were families advised to build their own bomb shelters?

a)      Yes

b)      No

7)      In which year did the Soviets begin building the Berlin wall?

a)      1959

b)      1960

c)      1961

8)      Did the Soviets agree or not agree to take the Russian missiles out of Cuba?

a)      Agreed

b)      Disagreed

9)      At a Dairy Queen, where were African Americans served?

a)      At the counter

b)      At the outside window

10)  What happened to the first bus carrying freedom riders in Alabama?

a)      It was stopped and searched

b)      It was fire bombed

c)      It was stopped and the passengers arrested

11)  In the first weeks of the Albany, Georgia campaign, how many were arrested?

a)      500

b)      1000

c)      15000

12)  What was the most racist city in the south during the 1960s?

a)      Albany

b)      Birmingham

c)      New Jersey

13)  Was Martin Luther King ever arrested?

a)      Yes

b)      No

14)  The Peace Corpís first director was the presidentís

a)      Brother

b)      Father

c)      Brother in law

15)  Did the leader of North Vietnam want the country to be reunited?

a)      Yes

b)      No

16)  What did Buddhist monks do to protest the situation in Vietnam?

a)      Organized a protest

b)      Set themselves on fire

c)      Went on a hunger strike

17)  Which was the longest war in American history?

a)      Iraq

b)      Vietnam

c)      World War 2

18)  Where was Kennedy killed?

a)      Houston

b)      New York

c)      Dallas