Video: Blood Diamonds (World History 2016)

1) Do diamonds come in different colors? A) Yes b) No

2) Is Sierra Leone a wealthy or poor nation? A) Wealthy B) Poor

3) What does “RUF” stand for? A) Revolution Unity Freedom b) Revolutionary United Front c) Rejection of the Unity of Former rule

4) How many were killed in the war in Sierra Leon? A) 75,000 b) 50,000 c) 45,000

5) Why did the rebels cut off Ibrahim’s hands? A) So he could no longer mine diamonds b) So he could no longer fight c) So he could not participate in the political process

6) Why were the RUF mutilating people? A) The tribes hated one another b) To drive them away from the diamond producing areas c) To make them move to Egypt

7)  Among the highest diamond producing countries is  a) Venezuela b) Argentina c) Canada

8) Half the world’s diamond supply is sold where? A) US b) Brazil c) South Africa

9) The modern diamond business began where? A) Amsterdam b) India c) Africa

10) Diamonds are created where? A) The center of the earth’s core b) The earth’s upper mantel c) Volcanos

11) What did the original DeBeers brothers do for a living? A) Farmers b) Miners c) Prospectors

12) Cecil Rhodes founded what company? A) C. Rhodes, inc. b) Kay Jewelers c) DeBeers

13) Where does DeBeers sell its diamonds? A) New York b) London c) Milan

14) For a century, what percentage of the diamond market did DeBeers control? A) 70 b) 80 c) 90

15) What percentage of the world’s rough diamonds come from Africa? A) 50 b) 60 c) 70

16) In what year did war start in Angola? A) 1975 b) 1978 c) 1981

17) How many people lost their lives in the war in Angola? A) 500,000 b) 1 million c) 1.5 million

18) In what year did the UN prohibit illicit diamonds being exported from Angola? A) 1990 b) 1995 c) 1998

19) True or false: DeBeers never bought illicit diamonds from Angola. A) True b) False

20) Freed slaves were brought to which town? A) Johannesburg b) Free Town c) Benin

21) In what year did Sierra Leone’s decline begin? A) 1967  b) 1970 c) 1975

22) In what year did Taylor launch a civil war in Liberia?  A) 1987 b) 1988 c) 1989

23) In 1991 the RUF invaded which country? A) Liberia b) Sierra Leone c) Angola

24) By 1993 how many citizens had been displaced by the RUF? A) 370,000 b) 380,000 c) 390,000

25) Did Charles Taylor support or oppose the Revolutionary front? A) Support b) Oppose

26) Did the RUF ever employ children as soldiers? A) Yes b) No

27) How old was Livette Freedman when she was abducted? A) 13 b) 14 c) 15

28) By the end of what year did Sierra Leone descend into chaos? A) 1983 b) 1991 c) 1994

29) In 1996 the war in Sierra Leone entered which year? A) 5th b) 6th c) 7th

30) What was “Operation Pay Yourself”?  a) When the military revolted against the government b) When the government disbanded the military c) When the RUF pillaged Freetown

31) How many people were killed in Freetown before the RUF was driven out in 1999? A) 6000 b) 7000 c) 8000

32) In July 1999 what did the 2 warring sides in Sierra Leone do? A) go to war b) call a meeting c) Sign a peace accord

33) What government position did Sanko get from the peace accords? A) President b) Vice president c) Governer

34) In 1997 Charles Taylor had been elected president of which country? A) Liberia b) Angola c) Sierra Leone

35) The first stop for most diamonds smuggled out of Sierra Leone was: a) Liberia b) Sierra Leone c) S. Africa

36) In what year did DeBeers stop buying diamonds on the open market? A) 1999 b) 2000 c) 2001

37) In May of 2000 a force from which country invaded Sierra Leone to fight the RUF? A) USA b) UK c) France

38) Did Al Queda have any contact with the RUF? A) Yes b) No

39) When the link was discovered between diamonds and terrorism, how did the CIA react? A) Did not believe it b) Did believe it c) Was unsure of it

40) How many countries are members of the Kimberly process? A) More than 70 b) more than 80 c) more than 90

41) In 2006 the UN reported that diamonds from the Ivory Coast were being mined by  a) Legitamet sources b) DeBeers c) rebels

42) What are victims of the RUF asked to do? A) Work for the new government b) Forgive c) Eliminate the RUF

43) In exchange for disarming what was given to former RUF combatants? A) a new job b) a transfer to a different village c) Compensation

44) At the War Wounded Camp what is lacking? A) Electricity b) toilet facilities c) plumbing d) All of the above e) None of the above

45) Where is the special court for Sierra Leone located? A) Liberia b) Darfur c) Freetown

46) What happened to Sanko in 2003? A) Executed b) Convicted c) Died

47) In which country was Taylor taken into custody? A) Nigeria b) Angola c) Sierra Leone

48) Are the diamond producing areas of Africa wealthy or poor? A) Wealthy b) Poor

49) First goal of diamond initiative is to: a)Get other jobs for the miners b) Get the diamond companies to supervise the mining c)  educate the miners