Video: The 20th Century

Vol. 2: The 1910s


1)      In what year did the moving assembly line arrive?

a)      1911 b) 1912  c) 1913


2)      Did the standard of living become better or worse for the middle class during this time?

a)      Better  b) Worse


3)      In what year did the Titanic sink?   A) 1911  b) 1912 c) 1913


4)      How long did the work day often last for those less well off?  a) 11 hours b) 12 hours c) 14 hours



5)      What happened to the miners when they went on strike in 1914? A) Evicted from their homes b) Fired from their jobs  c) Arrested by the police


6)      How many members did the socialist party have, at its highest point? A) 120,000 b) 150,000  c) 175,000



7)      How many voted for Debs when he ran for president? A) 670,000 b) 800,000 c) 900,000


8)      Movies were silent until what year?  A) 1928 b) 1929  c) 1930



9)      In what year did WWI begin? A) 1914 b) 1915  c) 1916


10)   What was the problem with alliances? A) They excluded other countries  b) They became too rigid c) They grew too large



11)   In 1914 what did Austria do?  A) Declared war on Russia  b) Declared war on Germany c) Declared war on Serbia


12)  In the Schlieffen/German plan during WWI which country would be invaded first? A) Russia b) France c) Austria



13)  During the Christmas of 1914 how long was the war halted? A) 6 months b) 5 weeks c) 1 day


14)  How long did the fighting between Irish rebels and the British last during the Irish rebellion? A) 3 days b) 6 days c) 17 days



15)  Conservative and liberal groups in Great Britain supported women’s voting rights. A) True b) False


16)  What did Helen Keller think of women’s right to vote? A) She supported it b) She was against it



17)  In what year did the U.S. ratify the 19th amendment?  A) 1920 b) 1921 c) 1922


18)  Which nation was the remnant of the Ottoman Empire? A) Serbia b) Slovenia c) Turkey



19)  How many allied troops were killed on the 1st day of battle in Galipoli? A) 40,000 b) 60,000 c) 80,000


20)   The poem written by a Canadian soldier was called: a) Misty Death b) In Dark Despair c) In Flander’s Fields



21)  The film “Birth of a Nation” portrayed the KKK as what?  A) Racist bigots b) Savior of southern life c) Violent and prejudiced


22)  In which city was “Birth of a Nation” not permitted to play?  A) Los Angeles b) New York c) Chicago



23)  Which newspaper encouraged African Americans to migrate north?  A) Chicago Defender b) Chicago Tribune c) Chicago Times


24)  What happened in Chicago in 1919? A) Massive strikes b) Race riots c) Bread lines



25)  Was the Lusitania carrying arms secretly? A) Yes b) No


26)  When did the civil war begin in Mexico? A) 1909 b) 1910 c) 1911



27)  What did Shank do when he was charged under the espionage act? A) He spied for America’s enemies b) He distributed leaflets against the draft c) He organized protests against the white house


28)  Which was the weak link in the Allied chain during WWI? A) Russia b) England  c) France



29)  In which city did the food riots start in Russia? A) St. Petersburg b) Moscow c) Siberia


30)  Lenin’s slogan was “Bread, Land, and ___________”  a) Victory  b) Riches c) Peace



31)  Did Lenin continue or discontinue Russia’s participation in WWI? A) Continue b) Discontinue


32)  Who came up with the idea of a League of Nations? A) Roosevelt b) Mitterand c) Woodrow Wilson



33)  Did most Americans support the League of Nations during this time? A) Yes b) No


34)  After the war, in Hungary in 1919, how long did the communists take over? A) 6 years b) 6 weeks c) 6 months



35)  In summer of 1918 an epidemic of what spread through the world? A) Measles b) Small pox c) Flu