Video: 20th Century 1920s


1)      In what year did Prohibition become law? A) 1920 b) 1921 c) 1922

2)      Did participants in the temperance movement tend to be religious or not religious? A) Religious b) Not religious

3)      By 1917 how many states forbid the sale of alcohol? A) 17 b) 23  c) 26

4)      Did prohibition increase or decrease crime? A)  Increase b) Decrease

5)      What did “bootlegging” mean in the 1920s? a) Charging more for home made goods to make a profit  b) Making ones own alcohol c) Making illegal copies of clothing and other goods

6)      How much did it cost to make a still? A) $6 b) $60  c) $160

7)      What is a “speakeasy”? a) A place where people could meet and speak freely against the government  b) A secret bar where alcohol was served c) An illegal gambling establishment

8)      What was born out of prohibition? A) Greater patriotism b) Less crime  c) Organized crime

9)      Feb 14, 1929 4 member’s of Al Capone’s gang shot members of another gang. What were Al Capone’s gang disguised as? A) Police officers b) Custodians c) Army personnel

10)  In what year was the first wave of the KKK organized? A) 1895 b) 1865 c) 1899

11)  How were the Klan portrayed in “The Birth of a Nation”? a) Murdering savages b) Unorganized delinquents c) Noble group of rescuers

12)  In the 1920s the Klan was only against African Americans. A) True b) False

13)  During the mid 20s Klan membership reached:  a) 3 million b) 3.5 million c) 4 million

14)  Langston Hughes’ first work published was called   a) A Negro Spiritual b) The Last Call c) The Weary Blues

15)  William Johnson was a:   a) painter b) singer c) writer

16)  Josephine Baker was a: a) painter b) singer c) writer

17)  Where did jazz come from? A) Chicago b) Harlem c) New Orleans

18)  Louis Armstrong began apprenticed to:   a) Jelly Roll b) Jack Baily c) King Oliver

19)  The members of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band were:  a) white b) black

20)  A modern woman of the 1920s was called a: a) debutante b) mademoiselle c)  flapper

21)  What did “the Butler Act” specify? A) Only approved text books could be used in public or private schools b) Nothing contradicting the biblical account of creation could be taught c) Teachers must follow the educational code of Butler

22)  Where did the Scopes trial take place? A) Tennessee b) Arkansas c) Kansas

23)  William Jennings Brian was for prohibition. A) True b) False

24)  How much was Scopes fined? A) $50 b) $100 c) $150

25)  How many days after the trial did Jennings Brian die? A) 30 b) 15  c) 5

26)  How much was Babe Ruth sold to the NY Yankees for? A) $35,000 b) $41,000 c) $49,000

27)  What was Ruth’s childhood like? A) Stable middle class b) Abandoned by parents c) Wealthy but lonely

28)  In what year was Yankee Stadium built? A) 1921 b) 1922 c) 1923

29)   In what year did Babe Ruth retire? A) 1935 b) 1936 c) 1937

30)  What did Babe Ruth die of? A) Lung cancer b) Skin cancer c) Throat cancer

31)  Clara Bo’s defining role was in: a) “The 7 Year Itch” b)  “The It Girl” c) “Mame

32)  How many fan letters did Clara receive a month? A) 45,000 b) 55,000 c) 60,000

33)  How old was Clara when she died? A) 60 b) 70 c) 80

34)  Charles Lindberg became the first person to:   a) Fly across the US in less than 5 hours b) Cross into Cuba by air c) Fly non stop across the Atlantic

35)  What was the prize offered for the one who could fly non stop across the Atlantic? A) $15,000 b) $25,000 c) $35,000

36)  How many gallons of gasoline did “The Spirit of St. Louis” carry? A) 425 b) 450 c) 475

37)  How many miles did Lindberg fly? A) 4,266 b) 3,975 c) 3,610

38)  Did Lindberg support or oppose America’s involvement in WW2? A) Support b) Oppose

39)  Did the US Senate join or reject the League of Nations? A) Join b) Reject

40)  How many millions of Russians died during the Great Famine? A) 5 million b) 6 million c) 7 million

41)  In which year did Lenin die? A) 1924 b) 1925 c) 1926

42)  In what year did Stalin launch his first 5 year plan?  A) 1928 b) 1929 c) 1930

43)  In 1919 what did Mussolini start? A) Nazi movement b) Brown Shirt movement c) Fascist movement

44)  In 1925 Mussolini declared himself: a) Prime Minister b) Dictator c) Emperor

45)  When Hitler was jailed, how long was he in prison? A) 15 months b) 12 months c) 9 months

46)  In what year did Hitler become chancellor? A) 1933 b) 1934 c) 1935

47)  In what year did Harding become president? A) 1920 b) 1924 c) 1928

48)  Was Harding considered corrupt or honest? A) Corrupt b) Honest

49)  Who said “the business of America is business”? a) Harding b) Roosevelt c) Coolidge

50)  By the middle of the 1920s how many Americans owned stock? A) 1 million b) 1.5 million c) 2 million

51)  A model T car costs how much in 1927? A) $540 b) $368 c) $290

52)  In what year was Hoover elected president? A) 1924 b) 1928 c) 1930

53)  Hoover supported: a) 8 hour work days b) 9 hour work days c) 10 hour work days

54)  When Hoover became president how many farms had been sold to pay off debts? A) 1 in 2 b) 1 in 3 c) 1 in 4

55)  Date of Stock Market crash was: a) Oct 29, 1929 b) Oct 30 1928 c) Nov 3 1930

56)  Buying stock on margin means to: a) Buy more than one stock at a time b) Buy stock at a low rate c) Buy it on credit