Video 1960s (1st 54 minutes)

1)      Who was more nervous at the debates? A) Nixon  B) Kennedy

2)      Did Kennedy win by a small or large margin? A) Large b) Small

3)      In which month of 1961 did Kennedy form the Peace Corps? A) January b) February c) March

4)      True or false: Kennedy did not see the Soviet Union as a threat. A) True b) False

5)      How many Cuban exiles landed on the Bay of Pigs? A) 1300 b) 1400 c) 1500

6)      In which year did  the USSR send missiles to Cuba? A) 1961 b) 1962 c) 1963

7)      How long did the  Cuban Missile Crisis last? A) 13 days b) 24 days c) 46 days

8)      Where was President Kennedy assassinated? A) Austin b) Des Moines c) Dallas

9)      How long was Oswald when he shot Kennedy? A) 19 b) 22 c) 24

10)   How many Americans watched Kennedy’s funeral on TV? A) 50 million b) 75 million c) 100 million

11)   What was the Beatles’ first number one song? A) Ticket to Ride b) I wanna hold your hand c) Hard Days Night

12)   How many number one hits did the Beatles score in the 1960s? a) 17 b) 20 c) 24

13)   Where was Motown based? A) Detroit b) Los Angeles c) Atlanta

14)   Whom did Joan Baez and others claim as their spiritual inspiration? A) Bob Dylan b) Dali Lama c) Martin Luther King

15)   What was a freedom ride? A) Rosa Parks who refused to move seats b)  Interracial groups traveling by bus c) White protesters registering voters

16)   When James Meredith tried to enroll at an all white university, what did the governor of Mississippi do? A) Escorted him to his class b) Blocked him c) Gave him a scholarship

17)   Which governor blocked black students from the university of Alabama? A) George Wallace b) Alfred Smith c) Meredith Johnson

18)   How may little girls were killed in the bombing of the church in Birmingham? A) 3 b) 4 c) 5

19)   In 1964 1000 civil rights workers came to Mississippi  to do what? A) Register voters b) Protest the war c) Organize the bus boycot

20)   In what year was the Civil Rights Act passed?  A) 1964 b) 1965 c) 1966

21)   What started the riots in Watts? A) When a white man was struck by a black man in front of a bar b) When a black man was dragged by white police c) When white and black students began to fight

22)   How many people were killed in the Watts riots? A) 34 b) 37  c)  42

23)   Since what year was Vietnam divided? A) 1954 b) 1957  c) 1959

24)   In which year did Diem call for war? A) 1960 b) 1961 c) 1962

25)   In Nov of 1964 what happened to the war in Vietnam? A) Scaled down b) Bombings stopped c) Escalated

26)   In 1965 how many students protested the war in front of the White House? A) 5000 b) 10,000 c) 15,000

27)   How were college students effected by the draft? A) They had to serve b) Exempt c) They could serve in 6 months

28)   How many people marched at the Pentagon against the war? A) 50,000 b) 60,000 c) 70,000

29)   The Tet offensive signaled to Americans what? A) The war was near an end b) The war was not winding down c) S. Vietnam would win

30)   How many months after the Tet offensive did Johnson withdraw from the presidential race?

31)   How many protesters did the police attack in Chicago? A) 5000 b) 6000 c) 7000

32)   How many presidents of universities urged Nixon to end the war? A) 79 b) 89 c) 99

33)   Where did the Beatles go to seek spirituality? A) Egypt b) India c) Pakistan

34)   In which year was the birth control pill legalized? A) 1960 b) 1961 c) 1962

35)   How long did Woodstock last? A) 3 days b) 5 days  c) 7 days