Documentary on Leonardo Da Vinci


1)  Did Leonardo study anatomy?

a) Yes b) No


2)  What year was Leonardo born?

a)  1454  b)  1554  c)  1654


3)  Were Leonardo’s parents married?

a) Yes  b) No


4)  Did Leonardo ever go to school?

a) Yes  b) No


5)  Where did Leonardo write down his ideas?

a)  Scrolls  b)  Papers  c)  Notebooks


6)  True or false: Leonardo wrote backwards.

a) True     b) False


7)  Did Leonardo help paint the Sistine chapel in Rome?

a) Yes  b) No


8)  Leonardo went to Milan in

a)  1490  b)  1492  c)  1482


9)  Was Leonardo a vegetarian?

a) Yes  b) No


10)  Did Leonardo finish the bronze statue for Milan?

a) Yes      b) No


11)  What interested Leonardo more than painting?

a)  Sculpting  b)  Flying  c)  Floating


12)  True or false: Leonardo invented the tank

a) True     b) False


13)  Did Leonardo ever return to Florence, after he left?

a) Yes      b) No


14)  Was Leonardo more interested in science or painting?

a) Science  b) Painting


15) Over 500 years after his death, how much did one of Leonardo’s notebooks sell for?

a) $10 million    b) $20 million    c) $30 million


16) According to the video, was Leonardo a man of his own time, or of a future time?

a) Own time       b) Future time