The French Revolution DVD


1) In 1794 what took place?

a) Robespierre awaited his beheading in prison

b) The French Revolution began

c) Robespierre issued his Declaration.


2) Who was called “the incorruptible”?

a) Morat

b) Robespierre

c) Louix XVI


3) When was Versailles completed?

a) 1673

b) 1682

c) 1697


4) How old was Louis Capet on the eve of his wedding?

a) 15

b) 16

c) 17


5) How old was Marie Antionette when she arrived in France for her  marriage?

a) 13

b) 14

c) 15


6) How did Louis feel about Antionette on their wedding night?

a) He liked her

b) He didn’t like her


7) France grew from 20 to how many million in the 18th century?

a) 26 million

b) 29 million

c) 32 million


8) Was Louis XVI a good leader?

a) Yes

b) No


9) In what language did Robespierre speak to the king when he was a school boy?

a) French

b) Spanish

c) Latin


10) Does the Enlightenment movement trust  authority?

a) Yes

b) No


11) What was Marie Antionette’s nick name?

a) Madame Vanity

b) Madame Deficit

c) Madame Millions


12) What is the job of the queen?

a) Rule her subjects as queen

b) Produce a male heir

c) Manage the royal household


13) What did king Louis XVI have to do in order to bear a child?

a) Get a simple surgery

b) Get a complicated surgery


14) How many children did the King have after 19 years of marriage?

a) 2

b) 4

c) 5


15) When the Estates General was called, how long had it been since they last met?

a) 175 years

b) 99 years

c) 150 years


16) For which Estate did Robespierre fight?

a) 1st

b) 2nd

c) 3rd


17) What did the 3rd Estate declare at the Tennis Court?

a) The will keep meeting until they have a new constitution

b) That they will die rather than live under the king

c) That they will start a revolution


18) What were the rioters looking for in the Bastille?

a) Soldiers

b) Food

c) Gun powder



19) What does the Declaration of the Rights of Man say about the king?

a) He is not mentioned

b) He must be eliminated

c) He is an unjust ruler


20) What was the name of the successful revolutionary newspaper?

a) The Star

b) The Friend of the People

c) The New Journal


21) Did Marie Antionette say “Let them eat cake”?

a) Yes

b) No


22) What did the crowd demand at Versailles?

a) Better food

b) That the king provide them with jobs

c) That the king and queen move to Paris


23) How many marched from Versailles to Paris with the king and queen?

a) 60,000

b) 30,000

c) 20,000


24) By 1791 what did King Louis decide?

a) Regain control of his kingdom

b) Leave France forever

c) Flee to Spain


25) Nickname of the guillotine was

a) Merciful Death

b) National razor

c) National justice


26) Did Robespierre support going to war with Austria?

a) Yes

b) No


27) Who considered themselves to be the true citizens of France?

a) The Sans Coulettes

b) The residents of Paris

c) The bourgeoisie


28) Did the Jacobins support or oppose having the king put to death?

a) Oppose the king’s death

b) Support his death


29) In what year did Charlotte Corday commit murder?

a) 1793

b) 1794

c) 1795


30) How old was Marie Antionette when she was in prison?

a) 35

b) 37

c) 38


31) What was Marie Antionette accused of regarding her family?

a) Plotting her husband’s death

b) Incest with her son

c) Having many lovers


32) How may members were there in the Committee of Public Safety?

a) 12

b) 14

c) 17


33) Did the French Revolutionaries support or oppose the Catholic Church?

a) Support

b) Against


34) Why did the French Revolutionaries make a new calendar?

a) To show how the Revolution had changed France

b) To stamp out Christianity

c) To separate itself from Austria


35) What was Robespierre’s dream, using terror?

a) Make a nation founded on fear

b) Make a nation founded on individual rights

c) Make a republic of virtue


36) The last phase of the revolution was called what?

a) Thermadorian Revolution

b) The Great Terror

c) September Massacres


37) What was the new religious festival Robespierre proclaimed?

a) Feast of God the Reasoner

b) Feast of Equality

c) Feast of the Supreme Being


38) Where did Robespierre shoot himself?

a) Chest

b) Face

c) Neck


39) How many years passed before power consolidated in Napoleon?


a) 5  b) 8  c) 10