Homeless to Harvard

1)      Describe the family situation of Liz Murray at the beginning of the film. 4-5 sentences.




2)      Who was the main caretaker in the family? Give two examples.



3)      Why didnít Liz attend school regularly? 4 sentences at least.




4)      Why didnít Liz want to live with her grandfather? 4 sentences at least.




5)      What changed for Liz when her mother died? 5 sentences at least.






6)      What was different about her new school, compared with the old one? 4 sentences at least.




7)      When her father says ďI blew thisĒ , standing in front of her new school, what was he talking about?



8)      Why did Lizí friend not want to enroll in the new school with her? 3 sentences at least.




9)      When she got accepted into Harvard Liz was happy and sad at the same time. Describe the reasons why. 5 sentences at least.





10)   What is a dream that you have for yourself, however unrealistic it may seem? 5 sentences.






11)   What is a goal that you have, and how could you reach it? 5 sentences at least.