KKK Video


1)  What is the oldest terror organization?

a) Communists

b) KKK

c) Anarchists


2)  What was the KKK founded as?

a) Terrorist organization

b) Political society

c) Social fraternity


3)  When did the first burning of the cross take place? a) 1870 b) 1922 c) 1950


4) When was the KKK born? a) 1866  b) 1876  c) 1886


5) Did the Black codes give more or less rights to African Americans?

a) More

b) Less


6) In the 1870s, the KKK Act made what a felony?

a) Wearing the KKK robe

b) Joining the KKK

c) Depriving others of civil rights


7) In what year did the KKK disappear?

a) 1866

b) 1876

c) 1886


8) In which year was the KKK reborn?

a) 1915

b) 1916

c) 1917


9) In the film “Birth of a Nation”, the KKK was pictured as

a) Terrorist organization

b) Fearful organization

c) Heroic force


10) In the 1920s how did American protestants feel about immigrants?

a) Invaded by immigrants

b) Welcoming of immigrants

c) Indifferent to immigrants


11) What result did the newspaper attacks have on the KKK?

a) Decreased membership

b) Increased membership


12) In 1922 how many members did the KKK have?  a) 1 Million b) 2 million  c) 3 million


13) The KKK were against blacks, Jews, and a) Catholics b) Northerners c) Baptists


14)  Who was the KKK leader who beat up and raped the woman?

a) Stevenson

b) Johnson

c) Jameson


15)  What did the black boxes contain?

a) Information on the Supreme court justices

b) Evidence of bribes of elected officials

c)  Evidence on the validity of the presidential election.


16) How many KKK paraded in Washington DC in the 1920s?

a) 20,000

b) 30,000

c) 40,000


17) How many members did the KKK drop to during the Depression?

a) 100,000

b) 50,000

c) 25,000


18) What was the most segregated city in the South? A) Little Rock b) Birmingham c) Dallas


19) Who was the leader of the White Nights? A) Samuel Johnson b) Samuel Thomas c) Samuel Bowers


20) Did President Johnson support or oppose the Klan? A) Support b) Oppose