Video Letters from WWI


1) How many men fought during WWI?

a) 56 million

b) 60 million

c) 65 million


2) In what year did the US declare war on Germany?

a) 1917

b) 1916

c) 1915


3) How many men were in the US army in 1917?

a) 127,000

b) 256,000

c) 546,000


4) How much time did soldiers have to put on their gas masks?

a) 10 seconds

b) 8 seconds

c) 6 seconds


5) Did the army encourage or discourage men to write home?

a) Encourage

b) Discourage


6) In what month did the first US troops leave for France?

a) June

b) July

c) August


7) How did the French and British react to the arrival of American troops?

a) They resented them

b) They welcomed them with open arms

c) The did not need them


8) Did any African Americans fight in WWI?

a) Yes

b) No


9) American troops, as soon as they arrived in Europe, began to fight on the Front.

a) True

b) False


10) American newspapers were reporting WWI accurately.

a) True

b) False


11) How many censors worked in Paris, reading soldier’s letters?

a) 200

b) 300

c) 400


12) In 1918 Germany broke through what?

a) Frontiers of the UK

b) Russian lines

c) Allied lines


13) By end of summer of 1918 how many Americans were dead?

a) 10,000

b) 12,000

c) 15,000


14) After how many years did the tide of the war turn?

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6


15) Date of time of peace, of armistice:

a) Nov 3

b) Nov 11

c) Nov 30


16) Did Germany surrender?

a) Yes

b) No