Video Lusitania


1) The first woman narrating, who road on the ship, was traveling to

a)       Ireland

b)       France

c)       Scotland


2) On what date did the Lusitania set sail?

a)       May 1, 1915

b)       May 5, 1915

c)       May 7, 1916


3) How many on her crew?

a) 743

b) 694

c) 767


4) On what day did she reach the coast of Ireland?

a) May 4

b) May 7

c) May 9


5) How many died on the Lusitania?

a)       1195

b)       1200

c)       1254


6) Which was better built, the Lusitania or the Titanic?

a)       Lusitania

b)       Titanic


7) What is a U boat?

a) Aircraft carrier

b) Battle ship

c) A submarine


8) What was Germanyís threat on the seas?

a) Any American ship carrying war supplies would be a target

b) Any British ship carrying war supplies would be targeted

c) Any passenger ship could be targeted


9) Which explosion was most powerful on the Lusitania?

a) 1st

b) 2nd

c) 3rd


10) Was the Lusitania carrying shrapnel?

a) Yes

b) No


11) How would the investigation find out what sank the Lusitania?

a) Tipping the ship to the other side

b) Underwater X ray

c) Size and location of hole


12) What was the name of the underwater robot used to explore the Lusitania?

a) Jason

b) Roger

c) Thomas


13) How much water is the Lusitania lying in?

a) 300 feet

b) 400 feet

c) 500 feet


14) How old was Edith Williams when she traveled?

a) 8 years

b) 9 years

c) 10 years


15) What did the robot find at the very bottom of the bow of the ship?

a) Scattered bullets

b) A section of torpedo

c) A large section missing


16) What did Ballard discover about the gaping hole in the magazine of the Lusitania as described by White, the diver who explored it years before?

a) It was exactly where White had said it would be

b) It wasnít in that location

c) There was no hole at all on the ship


17) What day did U Boat 20 leave Germany?

a) The day after the Lusitania sailed

b) The week before the Lusitania sailed

c) The day before the Lusitania sailed


18) How many feet wide was the Lusitania?

a) 88

b) 98

c) 108


19) How many decks in total was the Lusitania?

a) 8

b) 10

c) 15


20) Who owned the Lusitania?

a) Princess Cruises

b) Cunard Lines

c) Liverpool Express


21) How many stories was the dining room on the Lusitania?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4


22) Was the voyage of the Lusitania calm or rough on the seas?

a) Calm

b) Rough


23) On what day was the U20 activity reported to the British Admiralty?

a) May 3

b) May 4

c) May 5


24) Why did Captain Turner order all curtains closed?

a) So the ship would not be so visible at night

b) So that the ship could save energy

c) To encourage the passengers to sleep so they would not panic


25) The name of the 2 man submarine used by Ballard was

a) Jason

b) Roger

c) Delta


26) How many tons of coal did the Lusitania carry?

a) 3000

b) 5000

c) 7000


27) On what day does the Lusitania sight Ireland?

a) May 5

b) May 6

c) May 7


28) When the Lusitania is turned, she is directed towards what city?

a) London

b) Liverpool

c) Dublin


29) How many meters away from the Lusitania was the U20 when it fired the torpedo?

a) 700

b) 800

c) 900


30) When it sank the Lusitaniaís propellers went into the water first

a) True

b) False


31) Why were people dying in the water?

a) Injuries sustained on board the ship

b) Fighting over the lifeboats

c) Cold temperature of water


32) The Lusitania was built to withstand how many compartments open to the sea?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4


33) According to Ballard, what caused the 2nd explosion?

a)       Ammunition exploding

b)       2nd torpedo

c)       Coal dust igniting


34) Where are the archives of the Lusitania found today?

a) Liverpool

b) London

c) Paris


35) What port did the first victims of the sinking arrive in?

a) Liverpool

b) Dublin

c) Queenstown


36) How many survivors?

a) 764

b) 824

c) 982


37) How many bodies were recovered?

a) 323

b) 274

c) 289


38) Did Great Britian admit that the Lusitania was carrying arms?

a) Yes

b) No