Video Newton (30 min)


1) Was Isaac Newton a biblical scholar?

a) Yes

b) No


2) In Newton’s time, what was “natural philosophy”?

a) The study of philosophy

b) The study of the ancients

c) The study of the physical world


3) What day was Isaac Newton born?

a) January 1

b) December 25

c) May 15


4) Was Newton a popular child?

a) Yes

b) No


5) What university did Newton go to?

a) Cambridge

b) London

c) Padua


6) Who was the most influential on Newton during his college years?

a) Galileo Galilei

b) Robert Hooke

c) Aristotle


7) What is Newton best known for?

a) His work on biology

b) His work on astronomy

c) His work on gravity


8) What did Newton show about the light going through a prism?

a) The colors were already present in the white light

b) The colors were present in the glass prism

c) The colors were invisible during the day


9) What did Newton introduce to the making of telescopes?

a) Large lenses

b) Mirrors

c) Multiple lenses


10) In 1665 what happened in London?

a) Newton published his book

b) The king condemned new ideas of science

c) Bubonic plague


11) What did Newton realize when he observed the apple fall?

a) That the same force drawing the apple to the earth was the one that held heavenly bodies in their place.

b) That the same force drawing the apple to earth could explain the biological functions of the animals

c) That the same force drawing the apple to earth could explain the mathematical principles developed by Aristotle


12) How long was the Principia?

a) 400 pages

b) 500 pages

c) 600 pages


13) Using the laws of gravitation, Newton could predict

a) The change of the seasons in the southern hemisphere

b) The come of the leap year

c) The movement of the planets


14) How many laws of motion did Newton develop?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4


15) If you push on an object (apply force) you will accelerate its speed. This is which law?

a) 2nd

b) 3rd

c) 4th


16) When Haley met Newton, he predicted that a certain comet would appear in how many years, using Newton’s principles?

a) 50 years

b) 65 years

c) 75 years


17) How many years did Newton study Alchemy?

a) 35 years

b) 40 years

c) 45 years


18) Was Newton a religious man?

a) Yes

b) No


19) Newton later became

a) Master of Royal Science Academy

b) Master at Arms

c) Master of the Royal Mint


20) How old was Newton when he died?

a) 75

b) 80

c) 85


21) What showed the truth of Newton’s laws of gravitation, after his death?

a) Einstein’s calculations

b) The first space flight

c) Haley’s comet appearing as predicted