Video Rasputin

1)      In 1995 at Sothebys the document about Rasputin sold for how much? A) $6000 b) $7000 c) $8000

2)      Inwhich year was Rasputin born? A) 1869 b) 1873 c) 1875

3)      Who taught Rasputin to read? A) His father b) Himself c) His head monk

4)      How many children did Rasputin have? A) 3 b) 4 c) 5

5)      Did Rasputin have good manners? A) Yes b) No

6)      What day was Bloody Sunday? A) Jan 9 b) Feb 9c) March 9

7)      Why did the royal family keep the hemophilia of Alexi a secret? A) They thought the stress would endanger the childb) They thought Alexi might marry soon c) They feared it might prevent him from becoming Czar

8)      What did Rasputin do with the letters written by Alexandra? A) Stored them under his bed b) Showed them around c) Gave them to the Czar

9)      Did anyone close to the Empress believe there was an affair between her and Rasputin? A) Yes b) No

10)   How did Alexandra react to the stories about Rasputin visiting prostitutes? A) She was shocked and sent him away b) She believed them and spoke to her husband c) She thought they were made up by her husbandís enemies

11)   How old was Prince Felix when he planned the killing of Rasputin? A) 29 b) 32 c) 37

12)   Did the wine contain poison or only the pastries? A) Only the pastries b) The wine also

13)   How many bullets were fired into Rasputin as he tried to escape in the courtyard? A) 1 b) 2 c) 3

14)   Why might the poison pastry story be false? A) Because prince Felix was not even present b) Because there were no pastries at all c) Because Rasputin no longer ate sweets

15)   In Rasputinís curse the Romanov family would be dead within how many years? A) 1 b) 2 c) 3

16)   When was theRomanov family shot? A) May 1918 b) June 1918 c) July 1918

17)   How old was Rasputin when he died? A) 48 b) 51c) 53