Video: Los Colony of Roanoke

1)      Who was the governor of Roanoke?

a)      Smith b)  White  c)  Rolfe

2)      How long was he away from the colony?

a)      1 year b) 2 years  c)  3 years

3)      Virginia was named after whom?

a)      Virgin queen Elizabeth b) The Virgin Mary  c) The area in England called Virginia

4)      Roanoke is in

a)      Maryland  b) Virginia  c) Massachusetts

5)      Was there wildlife in the area of Roanoke?

a)      Yes  b)  No

6)      What did the English explorers not know?

a)      That the land they were moving into was farmland  b) That the Spanish had established a colony nearby  c) There were already people living in that area, Native Americans

7)      First contact between natives and English was made between colonists and

a)      1 Indian  b) 2 Indians  c) 3 Indians

8)      How did the natives feel about the explorers when they first arrived?

a)      Friendly  b) Unfriendly

9)      The first contact of explorers with natives; the explorers found the natives to be

a)      Hostile  b) Violent  c)  Gentle

10)   How many natives did the explorers bring back to England?

a)      2   b) 4  c)  6

11)   During this time, did England and Spain have a good relationship?

a)      Yes  b)  No

12)   John White was a famous

a)      Scientist  b)  Politician  c) Artist

13)   Thomas Harriet was a

a)      Politician b) Scientist  c) Shipbuilder

14)   Under Grendel, why did the relationship with the natives turn negative?

a)      The natives attacked the settlers  b) Natives took a silver cup  c) the natives stole food from the settlers

15)   How did Grendel respond to the taking of the cup?

a)      He burned the Indian villages  b) He hunted down the natives and killed their women  c) He arrested those who stole the cup

16)   In Sept 1585 what did Grendel do?

a)      Started the colony in Jamestown  b) He passed away  c)  Returned to England

17)   Why did the natives stop providing food to the settlers?

a)      They didn’t have enough food for them and for themselves  b) The natives wanted the settlers to start growing their own food  c) The settlers were stealing food

18)   What did the settlers eat to survive the winter of 1585?

a)      Their own dogs  b) The rats  c) Squirrels

19)   In the spring of 1586 what did the colonists do?

a)      Finally made peace with the natives living in their area  b) Attacked and killed the natives in the area  c) Left to live in another area

20)   In May 1587 how many were on board Sir Walter Raleigh’s ships?

a)      117  b) 123  c)  134

21)   What were these families promised in the new world?

a)      100 acres  b)  300 acres  c)  500 acres

22)   How many skeletons were found in Roanoke?

a)      1  b)  2  c)  3

23)    What happened to Grendel’s men?

a)      They moved to the New York area  b) They disappeared c) They were found dead

24)   When the families of the lost colonies arrived in Roanoke did they know how the natives felt about them?

a)      Yes  b)  No

25)   A few weeks after they arrived one of the colonists was killed while he was

a)      Hunting  b) Farming  c)  Fishing

26)   What was Croatan?

a)      An island  b) A city  c)  A mountain

27)   On what day did Manteo arrange a meeting with the other tribes?

a)      August 6  b) August 14  c)  August 30

28)   What did White do when the natives didn’t show up to the meeting?

a)      He sought them out and found them to reach an agreement  b) He gave up and moved the settlers away  c)  He attacked the first village he found

29)   What was the name of the first child born of English parents in the new world?

a)      Mary b)  Virginia  c)  Susana

30)   Did John White want to return to England?

a)      Yes  b)  No

31)   What did John White find when he returned to England?

a)      England had already sent 2 ships to the New World  b) Spain had sent colonists to New Mexico  c)  England was preparing to go to war with Spain

32)   How long did John White wait to return to the new world?

a)      3 years  b)  4 years  c)  5 years

33)   In which year did White return to Roanoke?

a)      1587  b)  1590  c) 1592

34)   How many people did White find on Roanoke?

a)      0  b)  1  c)  2

35)   Did White find the fort and housing?

a)      Yes  b)  No

36)   What did White’s men find hidden in the woods?

a)      Cooking supplies of the colonists b)  5 chests of books  c) Clothing and weapons

37)   Did White’s ship go to Croatoan?

a)      Yes  b)  No

38)   Did White ever find out what happened to his daughter?  A) yes  b) no

39)   For how many years did England make no attempts to find the settlers?

a)      5  b)  10  c)  20

40)   In which year was Jamestown settled?

a)      1607  b)  1608  c)  1609

41)   What is most logical explanation for the disappearance of the colonists?

a)      They moved  b) They were killed  c)  They married the natives

42)   Was contact ever made between Jamestown and the colonists at Chesapeake?

a)      Yes  b)  No

43)   In 1730 a sighting was made of natives who had

a)      Western style of dress  b) Weapons they could have only gotten from the colonists  c) Blond hair and blue eyes

44)   Which president traveled to Roanoke?

a)      Roosevelt  b)  Kennedy  c) Johnson

45)   How long has the play “the lost colony” been performed?

a)      40 years  b)  50 years  c)  60 years

46)   In 1992 archeologists  found what

a)      The bodies of the lost colonists  b)  The first laboratory in the new world  c) The new fort of the colonists

47)   Has the mystery of Roanoke been solved?

a)      Yes  b) No