Time Life Video: Rome, the Ultimate Empire


1) How long did the opening ceremonies at the coliseum last?

a) 100 days††††† b) 300 days†††† c) One year


2) How many spectators did the coliseum seat?

a) 10,000†††††††† b) 25,000†††††††† c) 50,000


3)During gladiatorial games, did thumbs up mean death or life?

a) Life†††††††††††† b) Death


4)Which Roman structure still survives in tact?

a) Coliseumb) Pantheonc)Forum


5)Date of Julius Caesarís death? March???

a) March 3†††††† b) March 10†††† c) March 15


6)How many miles of paved roads did Roman legions build?

a) 200,000†††††† b) 250,000†††††† c) 300,000


7)The name of the lost city in Jordan carved into rock?

a) Petra††††††††††† b) Jordan City†††††††††††† c) Ryad


8) How many miles did Hadrianís wall extend in NW Great Britian?

a) 67††† b) 73††† c) 79


9)What was the most important archeological find in Vinolanda?

a) Coinsb) Lettersc)Shoes


10)In which year did Mt. Vesuvius erupt and bury Pompeii?

a) 45 BC††††††††† b) 74 AD†††††††† c) 79 AD


11)What did Romans eat for breakfast?

a) Oranges†††††† b) Bread††††††††† c) Fish


12)By the end of which century did the Roman Empire end?

a) 3rd††† b) 4th††† c) 5th†††


13) What language does English come from?

a) Greek††††††††† b) Latin†††††††††† c) Russian