1.      How does Rudy Ruettiger stay on track for his dream of playing football? (3 sentences at least)





2.      Name the things that he has against him achieving his dream. (3)




3.      What type of support does Rudy receive from his family? Why? (4 sentences at least)





4. Why doesn’t Rudy face up to the fact that he just isn’t able to play for Notre

Dame even when he arrives there? (5 sentences at least)





5. Name three people who support him along the way to achieving his dream.

Explain why they support Rudy. (4-5 sentences)







6. What personal attributes does Rudy possess that make him a success?





7.      This movie is not really about “football”; what is it about? How would you tell a friend what the true “idea” behind this movie is? (4 sentences at least)




8.      Write about one of your dreams, and what is in the way of you obtaining it. 5 sentences.