Video Scopes Trial


1) In what city did the Scopes trial take place?

a) Memphis

b) Dayton

c) Atlanta


2) Was American optimistic or pessimistic after WWI?

a) Optimistic

b) Pessimistic


3) Most famous book of Darwin

a) Beginnings of Life

b) Traces of Evolution

c) Origin of Species


4) Why were Christian fundamentalists against teaching evolution?

a) They thought it contradicted the Bible

b) They thought Darwin was an atheist

c) They thought the world was older


5) What did the Butler Act do?

a) Outlawed teaching of evolution in the state

b) Outlawed teaching evolution in the nation

c) Outlawed public prayer


6) How old was Scopes at the time of the trial?

a) 26

b) 28

c) 24


7) What was Scopes doing when he was asked to stand trial?

a) Studying biology

b) Playing tennis

c) Meeting students


8) How many people lived in Dayton?

a) 900

b) 1500

c) 1800


9) Mencken worked for which paper?

a) Chicago Tribune

b) Baltimore Sun

c) New York Times


10) Did Brians for or  against evolution?

a) Support

b) Against


11) Clarence Daro became a congressman in 1896?

a) True

b) False


12) How much was Daro paid to defend Scopes?

a) 0

b) $500

c) $1500


13) What amendment did the ACLU focus on during the trial?

a) 10th

b) 14th

c) 18th


14) What radio station transmitted the trial?

a) KCR

b) WGN

c) WBN


15) How many women were summoned to jury service?

a) 0

b) 2

c) 5


16) How were the jurors selected?

a) Chosen by judge

b) Names pulled out of a hat

c) Chosen by lawyers


17)  How did Judge Ralston feel about press criticism?

a) Did not care

b) Thin skinned


18) How many witnesses did the prosecution call?

a) 2

b) 8

c) 4




19) On day 5 of trial was the jury present?

a) Yes

b) No


20) Why was the trial moved outside?

a) The press could not fit

b) Heat and weak floor

c) The radio transmitter could not fit inside


21) How many hours of evidence did the Jury hear in all?

a) 22 hours

b) 12 hours

c) 2 hours


22) How long did the jury deliberate?

a) 45 minutes

b) 4 hours

c) 9 minutes


23) What did the TN Supreme Court say about the conviction of Scopes?

a) Supported it

b) Overturned it


24) What year did Scopes die?

a) 1962

b) 1967

c) 1970


25) Did Dayton make lots of money from the trial?

a) Yes

b) No