Video: Slavery


1) In the age of cotton what percentage of southerners lived in bondage?

a) Ĺ

b) ľ

c) 1/3


2) What was the title of the first slave narrative?

a) Uncle Tomís Cabin

b) My life as a Slave

c) Incidents in the life of a Slave Woman


3) In what year was Harriet born?

a) 1813

b) 1814

c) 1815


4) How old was Harriet when she became a house slave?

a) 11

b) 12

c) 13


5) What did Harriet say about beauty?

a) That it was a gift

b) That it was a curse

c) That it was not necessary


6) What did the master want from Harriet?

a) Her love

b) More work

c) A sexual relationship


7) How many slave children did the doctor have?

a) 11

b) 12

c) 13


8) What did the judges during this time say about rape of black women?

a) It could be prosecuted

b) It was always the fault of the black woman

c) There is no such thing as rape of a black woman


9) Did the doctor who was harassing Harriet go to church?

a) Yes

b) No


10) At what age did Harriet take on a white lover, thinking that he would free her?

a) 15

b) 16

c) 17


11) Why did white slave holders want to expose their slaves to Christianity?

a) So they would learn from the Bible stories, especially how the Jews escaped from their masters

b) So that they would obey their masters, as they would obey Godís will

c) So they would no longer think of Africa


12) How many whites were killed during the slave uprising of Nat Turner?

a) 52

b) 55

c) 57


13) After the rebellion what did the southern whites do?

a) Nothing

b) Gave slaves more rights

c) Retaliated


14) How old was Harriet when she gave birth to her 2nd child?

a) 19

b) 20

c) 21


15) What does Harriet do, in order to free her children?

a) She gives herself to the doctor

b) She kidnaps her children

c) She flees


16) Where did Harriet hide?

a) At her loverís house

b) In the roof of her grandmotherís house

c) In Canada


17) What happened to Harrietís children?

a) They were sold off as slaves in Georgia

b) They were bought and sent to her grandmotherís house

c) They escaped and went to Africa


18) In what year was the Louisiana Purchase signed?

a) 1801

b) 1813

c) 1803


19) The cotton gin increased the amount of cotton a slave could produce in a day by

a) 50 fold

b) 100 fold

c) 200 fold


20) In 1808 congress abolished the importation of slaves from

a) Europe

b) South America

c) Africa


21) Were slave auctions legal in the nationís capitol?

a) Yes

b) No


22) The Missouri Compromise took place in

a) 1820

b) 1821

c) 1822


23) What becomes the key crop in the nation during this time, about 1840?

a) Tobacco

b) Cotton


24) Due to the value of slaves, what did slave traders begin to do?

a) Return to Africa to find new slaves

b) Buy slaves from Canada

c) Kidnap free black men from the north


25) At what age was Solomon Norfork sold?

a) 31

b) 32

c) 33


26) Was Mrs. McGee kind or mean to Lewis Hughes?

a) Kind

b) Mean


27) How many pounds of cotton did the slaves have to pick per day, at the plantation where Lewis was?

a) 200

b) 250

c) 300


28) Northerners made no profits from slavery.

a) True

b) False


29) What happened to Lewis Hughes when he fled at 20 years old?

a) He got all the way to Canada

b) He settled in New York

c) He got caught and was whipped


30) When Harrietís hideout was discovered, what did she do?

a) She escaped on a ship

b) She found another hide out

c) She moved in with her lover


31) What was the first city Harriet went to when she left the ship?

a) New York

b) Philadelphia

c) Atlanta


32) Harriet never found her brother.

a) True

b) False


33) In 1849 where did Harriet move?

a) Canada

b) New York City

c) Rochester


34) In the compromise of 1850 the Fugitive Slave Law stated that the accused

a) Could appeal to the highest court

b) Had no right to a lawyer

c) Was innocent until proven guilty


35) What happened to the twins born of Lewis Hughes and Matilda?

a) They were raised by their master

b) They were sold

c) Died after 6 months


36) In 1857 the Supreme Court ruled that Congress had no right to

a) Permit slavery

b) Limit slavery


37) What did Sen. Preston, who supported slavery, do?

a) Organized a protest

b) Beat another senator, who was against slavery, on the senate floor

c) Left the U.S. and moved to South America


38) Did the southern states support or oppose the election of Lincoln?

a) Support

b) Oppose


39) Did Harried Jacobs ever see her children again?

a) Yes

b) No