Video Taj Mahal

1)      Did Sha Jahan actually plan to build a black Taj Mahal building?

a)      Yesb) No


2)      In what year did Sha Jahan lose his wife?

a)      1643b)1654c) 1631


3)      What religion is Sha Jahan?

a)      Buddhistb) Muslim c) Jewish


4)      How long did it take to build the Taj Mahal?

a)      20 yearsb) 15 yearsc) 10 years


5)      What is it that thousands of tourists donít realize each day when they visit the Taj?

a)      That the Taj is unfinishedb) They are looking at the back sidec) That the tomb is missing


6)      What is causing damage to the Taj Mahal?

a)      Sun and windb)Underground waterc)Pollution and tourists


7)      How is the marble cut for the restoration of the Taj?

a)      Abrasionb) Moldedc) Cut in China

8)      What unusual substance was used in the mortar in the Taj Mahal?

a)      Peanut oil†† b) Fruit juicec) Palm leaves


9)      What was the name of the grandfather of Sha Jahan?

a)      Sha Jahan the Greatb)†† Jahan Mohammad c)Akbar the Great


10)  What are the two architectural styles that can be found in the Taj Mahal?

a)      Hindu and Muslimb)Christian and Muslimc) Gothic and Hindu


11)  Why was the city of Fatehpur Sikri abandoned?

a)      Attacked and beatenb)Lost its wealthc) Water supply dried up


12)  Were the shops found at Fatehpur Sikri large or small?

a)      Largeb)Small


13)  In which century did Indian stone masons start to create carved temples?

a)      9thb)10thc)11th


14)  How many women were in Emperor Akbarís harem?

a)      3,000b)4,000c) 5,000

15)  For how many years was the Red Fort the center of the Mogul Empire?

a)      200b)225c)250


16)  When he inherited the Red Fort, Shah Jahan transformed it into

a)      More powerful fortb) A palacec)Administrative offices


17)  In the palace he built for his wife, Sha Jahan had which design put into the walls?

a)      Flowersb)Riversc)Animals


18)  Was Sha Jahan Muslim or Hindu?

a)      Hindub)Muslim

19)  The Taj Mahal is both a tomb and a

a)      Theatreb)Palacec)Garden of paradise


20)  Why was there a luxury market next to the Taj Mahal?

a)      To fund the upkeep of the Tajb) To fund the black Tajc)To fund the royal family living there


21)  Has any hard evidence been found that there had been a black Taj Majal planned?

a)      Yesb)No


22)  What existed on the other side of the river from the Taj Mahal?

a)      A gardenb) A moatc) A temple